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The Dao that can be spoken is not the eternal Dao.

The Name that can be named is not the eternal Name.


The Ruler that can be ruled is not the eternal Sovereign.


The Life that can die is not the etern...

The Death that can live i...

The ...

Th ...

T ...









He awoke to a hefty thud echoing, the noise jolting him from darkness. 

'Ugh!' He instinctively called out, but no sound escaped his lips. The shout only reverberated inside his mind as he experienced dizziness in his head, overwhelmed as he couldn't remember anything.

"Are you done already, trash? We still have many pointers to teach," he heard a voice.  

The voice sounded like a young man speaking with a smirk. He cannot see anything even when he tries to open his eyes, but the man can somehow convey his smirk in his words. Or maybe it was his mind playing games. 

The taunt stirred him right out of unconsciousness. Or at least it tried to, but it was only partially successful, as he felt his body not responding even though he was trying to move. 

'When was the last time someone was foolish enough to call him trash?' he seethed in his mind, a flicker of defiance burning, even though he really couldn't remember. 'It was the principle of the matter, not the words.'

"Oi trash, stand up," the young man said again with a shove to get him to move.

He realized that he was lying as he felt the hard ground under him and the Young Man kicking his legs.

At least he was able to feel his feet. Slowly, the feeling of his body returned to him even though he still couldn't move. 

For some reason, he felt he was supposed to be angry toward the voice. He didn't know why, though, as the voice sounded unfamiliar.

"Peh, that was pathetic. Barely managed to take five blows." he heard a gruff voice. This time, he decided to call him Man.

"Huh? Seems like he got a little dazed with the hit to his head. Really trash!" the young man said as if being dazed was his fault. He stopped when he got no reaction when he kicked him again. 

"You guys pick him up. Hmm..? Maybe we should take it to our place," the Young Man said as his voice got slightly faint at the end.

'Seems they are more likely to take him to their hideout or whatever,' he said, but he still couldn't move his body.

"Yeah, let's teach him more, brother. You know how dense he is," another voice said. This time, the new voice was more nasal, but he was surprised that it came from right beside him. He named him Boy as the voice sounded like someone in puberty, but the Boy's words made him want to beat the shit out of him.

'Shut up, bastard!' he shouted in his mind as he raged, hearing a child wanting to beat him up. 'Did his parents not teach him manners'

He could understand what was happening. 'He was being bullied,' he assumed as his mind constructed the most likely scenario.

As the nausea faded, he opened his eyes, allowing him a blurry view of the world around him. Though the view was unclear, he made out his immediate surroundings.

He felt confused since he was lifted by two strangers, but at the same time, he believed he knew them.

'Fuck, what's going on?' he felt weird, disoriented. That was the best way that he could term it. 'Where the heck is this?'

Frankly, it should be his first time seeing these guys, but he could tell who they were. Or more like it was on the tip of his lips, but he can't remember. But they felt like they were his enemy. Hate for them swept as an overwhelming feeling in his mind, but he was forced to ignore it.

As he was carried by the two strangers, he spotted another boy ahead as he heard him speaking. 

"Asher, Future Vice Councilor of Rosewood Orphanage. What a Joke. Ha ha ha… Nothing more than a punching bag!" he heard the voice, the same as the Young Man he had heard earlier.

The strangers beside him who were carrying him laughed alongside the Young Man. He couldn't focus more on them as he could only open his eyes and not move his head. He was sure one was the gruff-sounding man and the other a teenager.

But he focused on the name that he heard. 'Asher. Is that his name? It should be, right? Maybe. It felt wrong. But also right.' He was a little confused by those conflicting thoughts.

He saw a blue flash across his eyes while thinking about his name and observing the boys.

Memory Capsule #1


As soon as he read those words, a sudden prickling sensation made him feel like something popped into his mind. Slowly, new memories and information appeared in his mind, which made him forget all about the screen as it vanished.

His mind only focused on the information relevant to him. First, his name. Asher. Yet he stopped at the name as the feeling of unease grew. 

'Guess I will just stick to being Asher for now.' He ignored the odd thought, but he felt a block when he tried to continue reading the memories. 

'What the hell is this?? I just got some clues, but now those are blocked, too?! Is the world against me or what!!' Asher shouted in his mind before forcing himself to calm down. 

But he shrugged inwardly at the end, as he didn't have time to waste on a name. 'Not like it will help him much,' he supposed. 'It's better if I take stock of my situation.' He tried to look at the surroundings and felt some sensation returning as he felt like he could move his neck a little.

He noticed that it was nighttime, casting everything into shadow. They were in a thick forest, with trees surrounding him, walking in a well-worn path through the trees, though he couldn't turn his head to look at the boys carrying him.

Slowly, he started getting what his senses were feeling. The biting cold of the night seemed to seep through every layer of clothing, chilling him to the bone. Looking at the trees, he felt odd watching them. 

It felt like a long time since he was in a forest, and the forest had trees bigger and thicker than anything he had ever seen.

'Not that he can remember anything before waking up,' he thought. The air around him carried a sharpness; each breath felt like a frosty mist that stung his lungs. Which made him look down at his body a little.

When he noticed that his body was bruised, he wanted to spit blood. 'Maybe it's a good thing he can't feel his body,' he considered without realizing that he had just triggered a red flag.

As soon as he thought, the sensation of pain swept through his mind, which made him close his eyes. Is this the famous Ignorance is Bliss effect? F**k! I'm going to pay this bastard twice. 

His back hurts, his whole body feels like stone, many parts in his body throbbing in pain. It appears like he has been fighting. And losing. 

He didn't know why, but it reminded him of a cliché situation in a conspiracy thriller or murder mystery. 'Wait... am I being killed? No, the boy spoke like it was a lesson.' 

'Maybe one of those where a Young Master bullies someone lower? Do these guys have some strange taste to go inside in a dark forest?' That was his opinion in his current situation. 

'Wait, wait, wait, shit. Did I transmigrate to a different world?!' he thought, remembering the unease he felt. Now that he thought more about it, he was sure he was not Asher. And he remembered the blue screen.

But before he thought more about it, a splitting headache suddenly built. As he was sure that he would faint, a sudden flash of a golden screen flashed across his eyes unnoticed by others.

Memory Capsule #0


There was the same prickling sensation as he felt something popping in his mind. Slowly, new memories and information appeared in his mind, but these were more familiar. Like he was intimately familiar with these. He instinctively knew that those were his own memories.

He started remembering who he was as his memories began returning to him. An orphan boy hopping from one foster home to another. Growing up with no skills or education. Earning minimum wage. 

Searching for an escape from his dull life in novels. He was lucky enough that he didn't get into drugs.

But his life was not smooth. The sudden World War 3, when he was twenty-five. Forced conscription. The many years it took to become a General. The last thing he remembers was the attack when he was transferred to a war zone and the small snippets of being taken to the nearby hospital.

'Woah! I really did transmigrate to another world.' he was sure as there should be no correlation between his old body and the body of the young man he saw when he checked himself.

'At least he got here by helicopter-kun, then by truck-kun. That would have been embarrassing,' he thought with a snicker, but he soon stopped as a sudden realization flashed across his face. 

'Why the hell did that feel like something his eighteen-year-old would have said!?' He remembered that he became emotionless due to the continuous loss of friends around him by the time he became General.




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